'Lawn Fairies' Take Over Nashville Yards: 2 Moms Start Lawn-Decorating Business

Posted at 12:04 PM, Sep 11, 2018

Waking up to a giant cupcake in your yard would make anyone's day. So that's what two Nashville moms decided to do: they call themselves "Lawn Fairies."

"We we deliver these little happies in the yard," said co-founder Chandler Pemberton.

Pemberton and Becca Sempkowski first saw the concept on Instagram. Now they spend their time cutting-out soccer balls, storks signs and dump trucks.

"Everyone is super excited about it, especially moms. You want to create those special memories for your kids," Pemberton said. 

The outdoor displays are not just for kids.

"[We have] adult accessories, a beer mug. Just did a 39th birthday. It was so cute," said Sempkowski .

Each lawn ornament is 5-feet-tall and delivered under the cover of darkness for maximum surprise potential. For more information click here