'My Knockout' sends personalized boxing gloves to cancer patients

Posted at 8:17 AM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-21 13:54:10-04

It's hard to find a family who hasn't been touched by cancer. Now, one Murfreesboro mom is fighting back. 

Surrounded by tissue paper and ribbons, Sheree Wooten looks sweet, but she says she knows how to be tough. 

"My mother had cancer. And when she went into the hospital for her first chemo treatment I told her that she needed to put her boxing gloves on and get ready to fight," she said. 

Wooten is the founder of "My Knockout," a company that sends boxing gloves to patients battling cancer, mental illness, or addiction. She packs the gloves with markers for personalized messages and words of encouragement.

Her mom, Gerrell Craig, was the first patient to get the gloves.

"Her doctors and nurses just thought they were the greatest thing. We had them hanging on [my mom's] bed," she said. "I wish that the people that are getting these gloves could've known my mom because she was so wanting to encourage people."

Wooten says what started as a single pair for her mom now takes a storage unit to fulfill orders. She says she knows her mom lives on, giving others the courage to hit back. 

"My mom's cancer came back in like February and she died in August. So we had a short period to get this business up and going. When I went home for the very last time,two days before I went home, the first sample of gloves came and she got to see them," she said. 

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