11-Year-Old Hopes Viral Photo Causes People To Join Patriot Guard

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 08:51:17-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As the Patriot Guard Riders have paid their respects to the fallen servicemen killed in Chattanooga, it has been one of the youngest members of the group who’s captured hearts on social media.

A picture of the young boy has been shared on social media well over a million times, and according to him, he has hopes all the attention will lead to something good.

Shannon Keough’s 11-year-old son, David, was captured on camera Thursday standing in the wind and pouring rain to honor the life of a fallen Marine.

“He had said to me, ‘What do I do if it rains?’ And I said, ‘When the rain comes you stand a little taller and you hold the flag a little tighter,’” Shannon said.

“It's my honor to hold the flag for people that served for us,” little Dave said.

He said he was thinking about the people who died for our country, not the weather.

His mom said it's something he's been passionate about since he was just three years old.

“I've seen him from an early age always have respect for our military,” Shannon said.

He learned that picture of him holding the flag has gone viral, being shared well over a million times.

“I don't do it for the attention, I do it for the men and women who served,” Dave said.

Dave said he has hopes it will cause people to join the Patriot Guard.

He comes from a military family. His grandfather was a Marine, he has an uncle who is in the U.S. Coast Guard, and another Coast Guard uncle who lost his life in an accident.

Dave said someday he hopes to join the military as well.