15-year-old remembered as hero after she drowned trying to save a man

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Posted at 10:03 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 23:40:43-04

LAFAYETTE, Tenn (WTVF) — The family of Lorena Orduña-Martinez says the teen lived how she died and that was helping others.

The 15-year-old Macon County High School student drowned last week while trying to save a man in the water.

Macon County sheriff’s officials confirm that a man and Lorena drowned on June 10, Thursday night at a swimming hole on Westfork Creek Road.

Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons said 32-year-old Lopez Gomez Gaudencio started having trouble in the water when the teen jumped in to try to save him.

The news of her sudden death hit Lorena's family and friends very hard.

"She had such a big heart that she, like, she would take her time at a day to go help my mom out half the time at the house cleaning, and just anything in general for my mom."

Ashley Leon has picture after picture of her younger sister Lorena.

"She was a really big fan of music, I mean she liked every single artist, except country music," said Leon, "when I would put it on, she would always yell at me to change because she like, 'turned it off I don't like it'."

Lorena at just 15-years-old left quite the impression.

"My little sister was someone who was really special to me and my family and a lot of people. "

Leon, a high school senior, said the family didn't know Lorena was swimming at night. Lorena was supposed to be spending the night with a friend.

"I just want them to know that she was probably the only person they wouldn't know that could help them through anything, any tough times they had. And she always had a good heart," Leon said.

Even though Lorena is gone, the bond between the sisters will still be solid.

Because in the end, they say Lorena died trying to save a life in which they say makes her a true hero.

"I think of her as my best friend and the hero. because I know who she is, even if she didn't like that person she would still save them."

funeral arrangements for Lorena were held on Tuesday, June 15.