2015 Holiday Lights Winner Named

Posted at 9:25 PM, Dec 07, 2015

The winner of the 2015 Ann Chapman Holiday Lights contest has been announced.

This year's top place goes to Jacqueline Rogers for her decorations at her home in Old Hickory. Congratulations Jacqueline! You can learn more about her below.

Metro Beautification & Environment Commission has held the contest for 28 years in partnership with Metro Public Works, Nashville Electric Service, Metro Livery, and NewsChannel 5.

Entries are judged on first impression, design, originality, suitability to site, and environmental elements.

Here's a closer look at all five finalists.

Finalist #1:

The first finalist was Bobbie Jo Street's home at 628 Waco Drive in West Nashville. (Click here for map) 

She tells us she rescues a lot of her decorations. If someone throws it away -- she just might bring it back to life. She has no clue how many lights are in the yard. Street says blowing fuses isn't nearly the problem a gust of wind can be.

Street is a former finalist. she said she rescues a lot of her decorations by refurbishing items that others have thrown away.

She had no clue how many lights were in the yard, but said blowing fuses wasn't her main concern. The wind was what posed the biggest problem.

Finalist #2:

The second finalist was Tommy and Nancy Jackson's home at 721 Patricia Drive near the airport. (Click here for map)

Over the past 20 years the couple has covered his home and yard, which sits at more than one-third of an acre, with thousands of Christmas lights. 

Yet, Jackson said it wasn't large enough for his display.  The Jacksons have added lights, figures and extension cords every year since they started.  Front and center, was a dancing Santa Claus.

If you want to see the display at the Street home you can get directions from the Holiday Lights Hotline at 615-737-2285.

Finalist #3 (Winner):

Finalist number three was former winner, Jacqueline Rogers' home in Old Hickory. The theme for her 2015 display was a Norman Rockwell Christmas card.

She used recycled goods to make her display each year. Her husband helps do a lot of the actual decorating, and he told NewsChannel 5 he was glad to be using LED lights to keep the electricity costs down.

The Rogers' home sits on Turner Street. (Click here for the map)

Finalist #4:

The fourth finalist named was Chris Lawson. He is a first time finalist in the Ann Chapman Holiday Lights Contest.

Lawson said his idea  to turn his home into a castle wouldn't have been complete without his queen, Tabitha his wife.

The home is located in Madison. If you want to see the display click here for a map.

Finalist #5:

The last finalist in this year's Ann Chapman Holiday Lights Contest was David Young.

The competition's nothing new for Young, a former finalist with more than 20 years of decorating experience.

Unlike many displays, Young has welcomed visitors to get up-close and personal with his Christmas characters.

If you want to see the display at the Young home, you can get directions by clicking here.