2017 Comes To A Deadly Close For Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The final weekend of 2017 was a deadly one in Nashville as not one but two deadly shootings occurred and the youngest victim was 16-years-old.

According to Metro Police, 16-year-old Brentrice Wilson and her 12-year-old friend were burglarizing cars in Madison, the pair apparently found a gun then took the gun inside where the 12-year-old pulled the trigger.

She is now charged with criminal homicide.

"That baby’s life is ruined, I don’t even think they fathom of what they’ve done," say Clemmie Greenlie, a community activist who started the organization Mothers Over Murder.

Clemmie has been here too many times since losing her son in a shooting 14 years ago.

"We need the community to come together, we are the only ones who can stop this," she said.

"What people don’t want to understand is that we are burying our children, and it’s not fair that no one is paying on attention to us burying our children and the ones we aren’t burying we’re still losing them because they get locked up for life," she added.

A heartbreaking way to end the year and Clemmie hoped that 2018 doesn't bring much of the same.

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