25 Years Of Lelan: Meteorologist Recalls Most Unforgettable Storms

Posted at 7:20 AM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 12:16:20-04

This week marks Meteorologist Lelan Statom’s 25th anniversary at NewsChannel 5. To commemorate the event, Lelan is recalling the most unforgettable storms of his career in Nashville. 

Number 3: Ice Storm Of 1994 

The storm knocked out power for days for most parts of Middle Tennessee.

Number 2: Deadly Trail of Tornadoes, April 1998 

Twenty-years-ago, Nashville became the first major city in nearly 20 years to have an EF2 or larger tornado hit downtown. That was also the day an EF5 twister slammed the state -- only the second one ever recorded in Tennessee. 

Former NewsChannel 5 Meteorologist Ron Howes also remembers that day and for another reason. 

"In April of '98, we just celebrated the anniversary of a big tornado, and I always will remember your birthday, Lelan, because that tornado hit on your birthday, and I'll always remember that," he said. 

Number 1: Flood Of 2010

Heavy rain wreaked havoc on Nashville and surrounding areas, leaving 26 people dead and billions of dollars in damage. More than 13 inches of rain hit the area in just 36 hours.