250th Birthday Celebration Underway For Andrew Jackson

Posted at 4:15 PM, Mar 16, 2017

The Hermitage's celebration of Andrew Jackson's 250th birthday kicked off with a visit from President Donald Trump, who toured Jackson's home, made remarks from the front steps, and laid a wreath on Jackson's tomb.

Every year the president sends a wreath to The Hermitage to place on Jackson's tomb, but President Trump's visit Wednesday made him the first president to lay the wreath in person since Ronald Reagan in 1982. 

The visit shut down The Hermitage on a day that is usually open to the public as apart of the 7th president's birthday celebration, but and due to the president's visit, the celebration was changed from a four day celebration to a three day celebration. 

"People's interest has been peaked in coming out here and seeing what The hermitage and Andrew Jackson are all about," Howard Kittell, president and CEO of Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, explained  on Thursday following Trump's visit. 

Thursday was the first day of the public celebration of what would be Jackson's 250th birthday. 

Presidential reenactors were on hand to speak to hundreds of school children, and special events were set up for the celebration. 

"We've been learning about Andrew Jackson in school, and we came up for his birthday," Jax Ervin, a student from Chattanooga, said. 

"I got to touch where he stepped, so that's pretty cool," Kai Lam, a fellow classmate, said about President Trump and the excitement around his visit. 

The Hermitage hopes that through the excitement raised by Trump's visit that more people will be encouraged to visit Jackson's home in Middle Tennessee and learn more about Jackson's life and legacy. 

Jackson's birthday celebration was planned to last through Saturday, with additional events being planned for later in the year.