2nd Debate Held For Durham's Seat

Posted at 9:01 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 00:22:35-04

Candidates for the recently vacated House of Representatives District 65 seat faced off in their second debate.

The seat was left vacant by former representative Jeremy Durham.

Candidates Holly McCall (D) and Sam Whitson (R) answered questions during Thursday night's debate in Franklin.

Contenders from District 63  Rep. Glen Casada and Courtenay Rogers also participated.

"There's a huge super-majority in the state's legislature and that is not healthy. It wasn't healthy when the Democrats had it, it's not proving to be healthy now with the Republicans in charge for the last 8 years and I think it's really important to have a voice who can push back against the establishment," said McCall.

"It's been a great adventure, I've learned a lot and met a lot of great folks. I feel with my public service record for the past 16 years in this community I can bring to the state house what's important to Williamson County and the 56th district." said Whitson.

Even though it was their second debate scheduled, it was the first time the two candidates shared a stage. The first one was skipped because one of them didn't show up.

McCall attended while her opponent Sam Whitson (R) released a statement saying he was attending a previously scheduled event.

Both candidates said why they feel they are the better candidate to represent District 56.