4 Students Sent To Juvenile Detention After Fight In Maury Co.

Posted at 3:22 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 23:51:05-04

A fight at Columbia Central High School sent four students to juvenile detention and ended with a total of 13 students being cited.

School officials said the fight was over an ongoing issue from a local neighborhood.

An school resource officer tazed one of the students during the fight. The 16-year-ol'd mother, Imosa Tidwell, said she questioned why her son was the only tazed.

She spoke to the SRO earlier in the day. Tidwell said "I couldn't get him to stop, I couldn't get him to stop," is all she could remember being told by the officer.

"My greatest fear is he would get into something and they would kill him.The officer could've reached for a gun instead of a Taser ," Tidwell said.

The Maury County Sheriff's Office was investigating the incident.

School officials released the following statement:

There was an altercation this morning before the start of school at Central High School. The altercation stemmed from problems in a neighborhood from this past week. The School Resource Officer on site responded immediately to the altercation and requested additional officers who responded. At this time, there are reported to be 13 students who were cited in the incident and four of these students were transported to juvenile detention. The School Resource Officer did make use of the Taser on a student. The Maury County Sheriff’s Office will have a report either later today or tomorrow and details will be available on law enforcement reports. The district and Superintendent Marczak would like to commend the administration and staff at CHS for quickly intervening and returning school to normal as soon as possible. We thank Columbia and Maury County law enforcement for being quick and responsive to keep all students safe.