5-K Race Raises Money For Nashville Homeless

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jan 01, 2016

Dozens of people woke up early on New Year’s Day to help the homeless.

Many people raised money in the West Meade area 5-K race for the homeless.

The event has become a yearly tradition, and was started by high school sisters.

The two were inspired to create the event after making a donation to "Room in the Inn" with their dad.

Since they love running, a race made sense. While temperatures were cold, participants quickly made it indoors after completing the race. Yet, organizers said the choice to have the event in the winter was deliberate.

“I think Room in the Inn is a great organization, and we just love helping them to help find shelter for the homeless; especially around the winter time when it’s cold outside. It feels really good to just give back and help with whatever money we make with this race, said Lara Nunn.

This was the third year the girls have held the race. The event usually brings in about $2,000.