Fiber Cable Issue Causes 911 Call Interruptions

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 25, 2016

Thousands of peoples' phone service was interrupted in Rutherford County on Wednesday, impacting 911 calls, due to a fiber cable accidentally being cut. 

According to TDS, the carrier of the AT&T fiber line that was cut, 7,000 customer's service was impacted, including the service of first responders. 

Officials with the city of La Vergne reported having issues with 911 systems where if more than one person called into 911 at a time, the second person would not be able to get through to an operator.

The issue was resolved within five hours, and the city only reported one caller having issues getting in contact with 911, but that caller was able to get help through other avenues. 

AT&T reported that a fiber cut was caused by a contractor doing work for another company at Murfreesboro Road and Bell Road.

All phone services have been restored.