26-Year Murfreesboro Cold Case Remains Unsolved

A look Into The City's Longest Running Cold Case
Posted: 10:44 PM, Jan 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-11 04:45:28Z
26-Year Murfreesboro Cold Case Remains Unsolved

Sergeant Tommy Massey settles in Wednesday with not one, but two case files on the disappearance and murder of Pam Miracle. 

Her story begins the night she went missing 26 years ago, but police weren't notified until weeks later. 

"She had been missing approximately two weeks before the police were ever notified that she was a missing person and at the time that was done by her employment," Massey explained. 

Miracle was a nursing tech at Boulevard Terrace. She also lived with with her boyfriend, Clarence Parker. Their relationship was reported to be violent at times. 

"As described by her coworkers, it wasn't uncommon for her to come to work with some bruises, black eye, things of that nature," Massey said. 

Parker's changing accounts as to what happened to Miracle led detectives to consider him as a person of interest. However, the case went cold for about ten months until human remains were found off of Seven Oaks Blvd in Smyrna. Lab testing proved them to be Miracle's remains.  

In 2016, Miracle's skull was taken to the body farm at the University of Tennessee where it was determined she died by blunt force trauma. Her killer is still out there and the only person of interest in the case so far is now living in Oklahoma City. 

"What does your gut tell you," I asked Massey. "I certainly believe he is involved in the case. Did he kill her? I can't tell you definitively," he replied. 

As the years have passed so have some of Miracle's family. Her parents have since passed away. Her sister, we're told, is in poor health. However, Massey is in this for the long run. 

"To me, it's the ultimate responsibility in law enforcement," he said. "Its been 26 years and at some point she needs some piece, so does her family." 

One piece of information can break this case. If you remember or know anything that could help detectives contact the Murfreesboro Police Department at 615-893-1311.