Nashville Gym, New Beginnings, Helps Women Regardless Of Their Ability To Pay

Posted at 6:54 AM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 12:01:46-05

Paying for personal training, when you can barely pay the bills, can keep many people from hitting the gym. Now, a program is giving Tennessee women new beginnings.

Kryseana Harper knew she needed help.

"At my highest I was over 300 pounds," she said. She said the cost of a coach was just too high.

Tash Weddle is the co-founder of the New Beginnings Center. She started the wellness program to help women who otherwise couldn't afford her services.

"They don't have the discretionary income at the end of the month to actually receive coaching," she said.

The program is funded in part by grants and thanks to other women who pay to work out at the gym.

"We go up to 150 percent of HUD housing so to give you an idea a household of two where the household income is less than $52,500 it is free for that woman," she said.

Harper said it's a no-judgement zone and said the results speak for themselves. "I've lost over one hundred pounds thus far," she said.

New Beginnings helps about 400 women each year and are continuing to grow. To apply or learn more click here