Teen Catches Car Burglar In The Act

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 23:46:54-05

A Chapel Hill teen caught a car burglar in the act in a high school parking lot, stopping him from stealing her boyfriend's truck, but forcing him to take another.

On Sunday afternoon, the parking lot at Forrest High School was packed for a football banquet, but that celebration and joy soon turned to anger for parents like Angela Baxter.  "You don't expect that in Chapel Hill," she said.  "You just don't."

It's a small town of just under 2,000 where crime rarely happens. Yet, police said someone had burglarized eight vehicles, forcing their way inside four of them including Baxter's SUV. 

"My car itself is $16,000 which of course the $500 deductible I have to pay," said Baxter.  "It just really makes you mad."
Baxter said one of the students at Forrest High saw someone in her boyfriend's truck she didn't know.  "She was brave enough to go up to him and say, Hey what are you doing?

He said that it was his brother's truck, and she said no it's my boyfriend's truck," said Baxter.

All the while, she was snapping photos of him.  His picture as well as a picture of the car he left in has begun circulating on social media including the town's Facebook page.

Baxter was just happy he left without hurting the teen, though she said everyone was still afraid.  "He has my house key and my driver's license with my address," she said. "I don't wish him any harm because he didn't harm any of us, but he needs to be caught and stopped."

Chapel Hill Police said if you find yourself in this situation never approach the person because they could be armed. 

Police said the person of interest drove away in a blue Hyundai Accent.  If you have any information that could lead to an arrest call Chapel Hill police at 931-703-7637.