Accused Rapist Suspected In Another Case

Posted at 5:45 AM, Apr 11, 2017

A man allegedly posing as an attorney in Madison has been accused of raping a second woman.

Metro Nashville Police sex crimes detectives have begun looking into whether convicted sex offender and now accused rapist, Wayne Willemsen, is connected to potential other assaults. 

Willemsen, who works as a paralegal for a law firm in Madison, was recently charged with allegedly raping a woman who had hired him as her attorney. 

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Police said he even flashed a badge and threatened her arrest if she didn't comply.

A second woman saw the story on NewsChannel 5 Friday morning and called police, saying a similar incident happened to her. 

The alleged victim said Willemsen contacted her online for a massage but things escalated when she got to his home. The woman said he handcuffed her, pulled out his badge, and raped her.

Willemsen has a criminal record across multiple states dating back nearly 20 years.

In 1998, Tulsa authorities arrested and charged Williamsen for impersonating an officer. In 2007 he sexually assaulted a woman while posing as a pastor in Michigan.

When Metro Police arrested Willemsen for using a fake ID in 2011, he was in possession of six different ID’s that he had bought online. 

Willemsen's online bio claims he was working toward his law degree and planned to practice criminal law in Middle Tennessee. 

Police said he’s now waiting for his first appearance in court on the rape charges.