Accused Serial Killer Writes Letter From Prison After Most Recent Link To Another Murder

Posted at 6:39 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 21:00:01-05

Convicted murderer and accused serial killer, Bruce Mendenhall, was recently linked to the murder of another woman. Shortly after, he wrote a letter to NewsChannel 5's Nick Beres claiming he was not involved.

Mendenhall was convicted of murder in Nashville six years ago. He was placed back in the news when he was linked to yet another killing in October.

Police believe with time, even more connections will surface.

Mendenhall reacted from his jail cell in the letter addressed to Nick Beres. Yet, they were more of ramblings from a twisted and defiant man who blames everyone but himself.

Experts believe he kills for psychological gratification, and he has a problem with women, fitting a profile of a serial killer.

"There have been several cases we've looked at several different people we've looked at," said detective Jimmy Barnet back in 2007.

Just last month, DNA linked Mendenhall to the 2007 murder of Carma Purpura.

He's already serving time for the murder of Sara Hulbert that same year, and the former long-haul truck driver is linked to at least a half-dozen other killings across the country.

He'll never breathe free air again; so is he ready to finally confess? Not a chance. He recently sent a six-page, handwritten letter to Newschannel 5's Nick Beres.

In it he recalls Nick's coverage of his murder trial.

"I remember your stinking A**. You're nothing but a liar just like those five corrupt detectives, who lied to get a conviction."

The key Metro detective was the now-retired Pat Postiglione. He tracked Mendenhall's big rig to the TA truck stop in Nashville back in 2007.

"I asked him are you the person we've been looking for and he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and then his response was if you say so," testified Postiglione at Mendenhall's trial. Postiglione found blood in the cab and the likely murder weapon.

Mendenhall surrendered, but he still insisted "It's not my truck. I didn't kill Ms. Sara Hulbert. So yes, I am very, very pissed off."

"These crime scenes are spread out over 400 miles. I mean how many serial killers move around like that?"

Mendenhall hates clips like that one from Criminal Minds -- the CBS show about FBI profilers. It's fictional, but they do draw from real cases and this episode actually mentioned him ...

"Truck driver make sense? Long haul truck driver Bruce Mendenhall shot his victims and disposed of their bodies at truck stops in at least four different states."

Mendenhall denies killing anyone, but when asked him about the recent DNA linking him to Purpura he wrote: "I didn't know her body was found. I'm glad for her family."  

Yet, he stopped short of admitting to any involvement, saying "all I'm guilty of is trusting a cop," meaning Postiglione who caught him.

But he'll still have to answer for the murder of Purpura. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty when he goes on trial next year.

We've also learned that Mendenhall will face another murder trial before the one for Purpura. Prosecutors in Wilson county plan to try him for the death of Samantha Winters next April.