Acupuncture Used To Treat Pelvic Pain

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jul 15, 2015

CHICAGO. (Ivanhoe Newswire) - When it comes to using acupuncture to treat pain, some folks swear by it, and others dismiss it. But a Chicago medical center thinks a “new” form of acupuncture could very well be the hope that many women are looking for- a way to end chronic pelvic pain.

Rachael Fellers can now enjoy the ancient practice of yoga. A centuries-old treatment is allowing her to do it, pain-free.

Rachael goes to Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago for an advanced type of acupuncture. After years of chronic pain in her abdomen, this is now allowing her to live a more normal life.

It all started when she was 12, with terrible dehydration and vomiting.

“I also passed out in the middle of church, and had to be carried out,” Fellers told Ivanhoe.

She tried everything, even traditional acupuncture, but nothing worked.

This acupuncture study involves placing the needles in a more concentrated way and includes heating the needles, to target the most painful areas.

“If I put the needles in and the heat penetrates all the way into your boo-boo, how good would that feel,” Larissa Bresler, MD, DABMA, Assistant Professor of Urology at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago told Ivanhoe.

Rachael was blown away by the results.

“Thankfulness and gratitude that I wasn't trapped inside of my body anymore,” she said.

Rachael's doctor said every patient in the study who's been getting the treatment, and not the placebo, has been coming back for follow-ups.

"Without me ever telling them what arm of the treatment they're getting. That's got to tell you something,” Dr. Bresler said.

For Rachael, the results include a night-and-day better relationship with her husband and her kids.

Rachael's doctor says the only side effect is some occasional bruising. The results of the clinical trial will be published next year. Rachael wants people to know that this is symptom management, not a cure, but with ongoing treatment their quality of life can and will improve. More on acupuncture.