After Vandalism, Restored Andrew Jackson Tomb To Be Unveiled

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jun 07, 2018

Officials at Andrew Jackson's historic Tennessee home say they are ready to unveil the restored tomb of the seventh president after it was vandalized in April. 

Officials posted on The Hermitage's Facebook page that the graffiti, obscenities and symbols were removed and a public unveiling will be Sunday afternoon. 

In April, Andrew Jackson Foundation President and CEO Howard Kittell said someone marred the stone covers of the graves of Jackson and his wife, Rachel, with black and red paint. He said the word "killer" was written, along with profanities, and anarchist symbols were drawn at the site. 

Jackson served as president from 1829-1837 and was a controversial figure. He was beloved as a man of the people but also oversaw the forced removal of Native Americans from the southeastern U.S.