Amazon Key Helping Protect Customers From Thieves

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - It's that time of year again when packages start showing up on our door-steps. This year, Amazon is hoping to sell Prime members on a new idea – letting delivery people walk right in.

They're calling it Amazon Key and Nashville is one of the U.S. cities that can try out in-home delivery.

It's another way consumers can protect their online goods from would-be thieves. Customers can set the frequency and length of time a delivery person can have access to the home. They can add and remove contacts at will and track deliveries with real time notifications.

The key works together with the Amazon Cloud Cam. So users record and watch the entire process from their smart phone. The cam starts recording and then the door is unlocked drivers never have access to codes or physical keys.

The system isn't cheap. Amazon Key in-home kits start at about $250.

So if you don't want to spring for the kit, there are some steps you can take to keep this from happening to you.

  • Require a signature so drivers can't leave the box at your door.
  • Have delivery drivers leave the package in a spot other than the front door or have your packages delivered to a shipping store - maybe even your office.

Hopefully these steps will deter Grinches from stealing Christmas. Amazon Key also works with other professional services like home-cleaning experts, pet sitters and dog walkers using Amazon home services. 

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