Animal Rights Group Protests At Williamson County Fair

Posted at 10:09 PM, Aug 13, 2015

FRANKLIN, Tenn. -- A new attraction at the Williamson County fair has had one local group protesting and petitioning for it to stop.

Members of the group Nashville Animal Advocacy said they have concerns about a show called "Tiger Talks" which has featured a husband and wife training team and their six Bengal tigers.

A small group has been protesting the show at the entrance of the fair each day this week. They have been chanting, "Boycott Tiger Talks" as cars drive into the fair.

"We don't want to see tigers exploited," said Julie Henry, a member of Nashville Animal Advocacy. "Tigers are beautiful animals. They deserve respect, and not to be in an exhibit somewhere."

Representatives from the Williamson County Fair said the show was designed to educate people about the tigers.

"People can watch what the tigers do and how they interact with the trainers," said Diane Giddens, with the Williamson County Fair. "It's been a popular show for us."

Giddens said the animals have not been mistreated, and the performers have filed all necessary paperwork to perform in Tennessee.

"They've got all the necessary permits on site," said Giddens. "They have been inspected. They have USDA permits and TWRA permits."

Members of Nashville Animal Advocacy said they don't believe it should be a part of the fair, and they think many others agree.

"Some people have actually turned around and left once they learned about the tigers," said Henry.

Nashville Animal Advocacy said they would continue daily protests until the fair concluded. They have also started in online petition to raise awareness on the cause. You can find that by clicking here.

The Williamson County Fair was set to run until Saturday. For more information, click here