Anonymous Sender Threatened To 'Assassinate' Commissioner

Posted: 10:08 PM, Jun 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 23:11:25-04

A Montgomery County Commissioner seeking re-election is leaning on the side of caution after receiving an e-mail earlier this week from an anonymous sender threatening to kill her if she doesn't drop out of the race.

Audrey Tooley, of District 13, said she was scared after reading the e-mail on Sunday after church.

"They said they're watching me and I would be killed by August 2. So that was pretty specific to me. They knew my title, they knew what district I was from," Tooley said.

Tooley who was home with her granddaughter at the time. After reading the e-mail she said she immediately called police.

After responding to a the first e-mail, Tooley received another e-mail. This one mentioned that her family would be threatened if she did not drop out of the race.

She believed the two e-mails are a hoax and she said she chooses not to live in fear. Instead, she told NewsChannel 5 she had her own message for the sender.

"I'm a very strong black woman. I want you to know that. I've done fought cancer, I've done fought everything and this is only…I'm a survivor," said the four-year commissioner who's an Independent.

"I do have someone running against me - not to put him out there. I don’t think he did anything, but I’m just being cautious," she said.  

Election Day in her area is August 2. Her opponent is Democrat Walker Woodruff.