Antifa Activists Plan To Attend White Lives Matter Rallies

Posted at 10:48 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 23:55:35-04

Word of two White Lives Matter rallies has spread among many activist groups, one of them being the controversial group, Antifa, who's members said they plan to be there.

Antifa is a political movement comprised of self-styled anti-fascist activists and groups. Their known for their violent protests and rallies.

Corey Lemley, a 27-year-old sat down with NewsChannel 5 Wednesday. He's an East Nashville native who has found himself in the center of some not-so-peaceful protests. 

Lemley is an anit-fascism activist. "Its really just a political stance that you're against fascism," he explained. 

A couple months ago Lemley was front and center as ANTIFA protestors faced off against white supremacists in Charlottesville. He said he upped his activism after the current administration moved into the White House. 

"A lot of fascism was showing, a lot of attacks on the immigrant community, the Muslim community, the gay community," Lemley explained. 

He hates the idea that alt right groups have an eye on areas in Tennessee. "They've been in these communities, they've been recruiting, they've been pushing their white nationalist message," Lemley said. 

Unlike most counter protesters, anti fascism groups have gained a reputation by not being afraid to use violence. "Well I would say its self defense," said Lemley. "They've inflicted violence through laws, they've inflicted violence through imbedding themselves in law enforcement and all different aspects of the community."

It's why he says they'll be there, front and center on Saturday. "We are willing to confront these white supremacists and white nationalists and we will shut them down," Lemley said.