App Helps Those Who Are Stressed Out

Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 06, 2015
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BOSTON (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Stress has kept more than 40 percent of Americans lying awake at night and the impacts have been felt both in our minds and bodies. Experts said the first step toward relief was figuring out the cause. Now, the answers could be at your fingertips.

“I was a workaholic. I was very quick to anger. My life was completely out of control and out of balance and it was so frustrating to me to be this successful career person and not be able to get this under control,” said busy executive, Laurie Coots. She said she feels like a new woman today, but that wasn’t the story a few years ago.

Then, Laurie began using an online tool that completely changed the way she managed stress.

“Before you know it, you’re on the other side. You’re looking back at how you used to react to things,” she said.

“In order to change people’s behaviors, you have to change their minds. It’s what first responders are taught, to cope in the midst of adversity,” Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium explained. “And now, with meQuilibrium, you can do this in a private and highly individualized way.”

Designed by doctors, the online tool and app has worked by pinpointing what stresses you out or drags you down and uses proven psychological techniques to lift you up.

“Nine out of 10 times you’ll see that, if you just adjust your thinking about things just a little bit, you can get some real relief in the moment,” said Bruce.

Now, 100 pounds lighter, Coots’ life has lightened up.

“What I know now is that it’s always about balancing,” she said. “It’s about making little choices along the way.”

Forty-percent of users said meQuilibrium made them feel more productive and resilient in just 60 days. The meQuilibrium app was free on iTunes and was being used by individuals and organizations looking to help their employees reduce stress in the workplace. To learn more, click here.

BACKGROUND: Stress can strike at any moment. Most often, it strikes when you least expect it and are ill-equipped to handle the draining emotional and physical issues that come with stress. Stress can be detrimental as it causes tensions both externally and internally and can affect your ability to cope with everyday tasks. A person feels stressed with emotions such as fear, sadness and they in turn emotionally make you feel threatened or anxious. Stress causes weight gain by prompting unhealthy eating habits and overeating while many, 42 percent, report lying awake at night. An American Psychological Association 2012 survey found that if you’re highly stressed, you are 200 percent more likely to fail at a diet and 35 percent less likely to work out. Ironically, working out is a way to combat stress and over 52 percent choose exercise as their stress buster. But if people don’t properly cope or rid themselves of stress, depression can strike. Overcoming stress with proper self-care is possible, but with several stresses taking place at once, some people need help to cope with their overwhelming duties. Stress in small doses can be beneficial as it is helps to heighten self-awareness in threatening or potentially dangerous situations. But too much stress can add to and worsen numerous health issues. (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)


  • Acceleration of heart and lungs.
  • Digestion can slow or stop due to the stomach and upper-intestinal failing to work .
  • Pupil dilation.
  • Loss of hearing
  • The loss of peripheral vision by having ‘tunnel vision’.
  • Medical problems such as:
  1. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  2. High blood pressure
  3. And not being able to control diabetes as well as other controllable conditions.

MEQUILIBRIUM: Designed by doctors, meQuilibrium is an app and online tool that helps pinpoint stress. Using psychological techniques, meQuilibrium helps improve your skills to cope with stress to obtain more focused thinking and send stress away. They call this process “Trap it, Map it, and Zap it”. Forty percent of users say in 60 days, they’re more resilient and productive. meQuilibrium understands that stress doesn’t begin with the outside stresses, like an unruly child or a traffic jam, but inside a person’s head and their inability to prioritize and perform necessary tasks. meQuilibrium helps individuals deal with issues that take away energy and lower resilience, impair judgement, the ability to problem solve and how to react to others. Individuals use meQuilibrium and some businesses are starting to look into the benefits of using meQuilibrium for their employees, hoping to reduce stress in the workplace. The app is free on iTunes and the book, meQuilibrium: 14 Days To Cooler, Calmer, and Happier is available where books are sold. (Source