Arborists Say Toppling Trees Can Be Prevented

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 13:04:56-04

Strong storms have blown through the south including in Middle Tennessee, knocking over trees, and making many homeowners nervous as they look outside to see their trees swaying in the wind. 

"We've had an enormous amount of storms this year, seems like they're getting worse all the time," Dean Glascock of Arbor Art Tree Care, said. 

Many trees can look healthy, but have problems that can make them more likely to fall or break in storms. 

"It's really important that you call somebody that knows what they're doing," Glascock explained, adding that an arborist can spot issues due to their specialized training and education. "There could be fractures in the structure you wouldn't know anything about. We have an eye for all of that." 

Glen Sulski with Crieve Hall Tree Service said that the storms have made him extremely busy, cleaning up trees and branches that have fallen from the trees.

Experts say that if you maintain your trees, trimming them and making sure they are healthy and not diseased or rotting, that you can help prevent them from falling onto your property, or possibly onto a person. 

It's suggested you reach out to a licensed and insured company, most of which will do a free assessment of your property before getting to work.