Architect firm writes, records album, releases it to benefit local charity

Architects record album
Posted at 5:37 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-26 12:06:26-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Most of us have worked in an office at some point in our lives, and we definitely have our ideas of the typically mundane sights and sounds you'll find in them. One office has a team building exercise that's anything but business as usual.

Manuel Zeitlin Architects — you might know their name. You definitely know their work.

"We were the architects for the renovation of Cummins Station," said architect and co-owner Andy Grogan. "We've worked with Fido. We did the Fairlane Hotel downtown."

Their office isn't the usual office. Their workspace is also an art gallery. Then there's Mila, the office dog. That's not all that makes this place special.

"We have a band," smiled architect Caroline Gallagher.

Since 2016, a team of architects and a structural engineer have spent each February writing and recording a yearly new album.

"We realized everybody had aspirations, but nobody was making music right now," said Grogan.

"I thought, 'what great fun,'" said Dan Borsos of EMC Structural Engineers.

"It goes back to the theory that everyone in Nashville is a musician," said Gallagher.

The band name?

"We call it Work," laughed Grogan.

Where'd that name come from?

"Well, it's kinda obvious," Grogan said.

Work's new album Too Much is now available on Band Camp, with the money going to benefit the Buchanan Arts non-profit. The non-profit gives professional art instruction to anyone regardless of income.

"I have friends who listened to the last two years who think it's a professional brand name record label recording," said Borsos of the albums.

A typical office environment might not be right for everyone, especially not creatives. This team said they know they have something special.

"If you had told anybody, someday you'll work in an office where you guys have a band and put out albums, that's like a dream come true," said Grogan.