As the holidays wind down, keep your home safe from potential burglaries

As the holidays wind down, keep your home safe from potential burglaries
Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 26, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As the season of giving winds down, some may be looking to take.

“I think when people are looking for target homes, if you will, they’re looking for a crime of opportunity,” said Sergeant Henry Particelli with Metro Nashville Police Department.

Now that holiday presents are unwrapped and boxes are opened, you may want to keep your new treasures away from prying eyes.

“During the Christmas season we get a lot of new toys for Christmas and if you get that new TV and you go and put that box out at the road, everyone knows you got this new TV and maybe they’re interested in that,” said Particelli.

Rather than advertising your new gifts on the curb for potential burglars to see, Sergeant Particelli said take advantage of local recycling opportunities. “Just fold those boxes up and put them in the trunk of your car and take them to those, it’s great for the environment and it’ll be a better chance of you not becoming a victim.”

But he admits whether it’s before or after the holidays, one type of burglary seems to be most common- “I think unfortunately Nashville, the biggest thing we’ve had- and I think this is nationwide- is vehicle break-ins more than home break-ins because you can look into a car and see no one’s there and that’s where we need to park smart, make sure we’re securing our vehicle, securing any potential valuables and please never leaving a gun in that car.”

If you plan on traveling this week, remember some simple tips to secure your home.

“I think the biggest thing it great lighting and cameras. Nowadays those systems are so economical to own and you can get real time text messages that there’s something going on. So just protecting yourself that way," said Particelli, "and then having a buddy system with a neighbor. If you are gone, just letting them know ‘hey I’m out, maybe you can collect my mail for me, just check the house every now and then’.”

Sergeant Particelli said you can also reach out to your local police precinct- many have neighborhood watch programs that can also help protect your home.

It’s those precautions that could keep preventable losses from happening to you.