At-Large Councilwoman Replaces Councilman Greene

Posted at 5:04 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 18:50:02-05

Vice Mayor David Briley has appointed at-large councilwoman Sharon Hurt to replace former councilman Loniel Greene for District 1.

Briley said Hurt would hold the position until a replacement is elected, which was expected to take place in August.

Councilman Greene resigned from the position last week after the District Attorney's office opened an investigation into his ties to a abuse suspect, whom Greene bonded out of jail.

A representative of Greene released Greene's statement announcing his resignation.

“Effective today, I have resigned from the Council. It has been an honor to represent my constituents, and I appreciate all the support that they, along with my family, friends, and colleagues, have offered since I took office. This was a difficult decision, but I believe it is the correct course. As I said in my letter to Vice Mayor Briley, I do not want to distract from the Council’s important business. To that end, this will be my only comment on the matter.”

Mayor Megan Barry released this statement in response to Greene's resignation.

“Mr. Greene did the right thing by resigning from his position on the Metro Council. Nashville deserves to have elected leaders they can trust to uphold the law and serve as role models. I hope whoever is elected to replace Mr. Greene to serve Council District 1 will do just that.”

Briley thanked all of the other at-large members who expressed interest in the position, since it would be a significant increase in workload.

This all came after Greene bailed out his cousin, Tavares Buchanan who is accused of beating that woman to within inches of her life.
A hearing is set for Wednesday to determine if Buchanan's bond should be revoked after phone calls surfaced showing Greene lied under oath.
"Here he was trying to be an elected official and people didn't think he should stay in that position he probably made the right decision," NewsChannel 5 Political Analyst Pat Nolan said. 
The biggest loser, according to Pat Nolan, are the people in District One. An election will be held in August to replace Greene but if that goes into a run off situation it could be November before the seat is filled. 
"You're still only going to be 39 not 40 council members and so that district to some degree will be left without a voice or a vote"