Autopsy Report Shows Hendersonville Woman's Death Accidental

Posted at 8:44 PM, Aug 03, 2015

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.  – Hendersonville police confirm a final autopsy report for Linda Ashley Mason reveal her death was accidental.

“Our heart goes out to the Mason family,” said Det. Sgt. Jim Vaughn with the Hendersonville Police Department. “I feel like the Hendersonville police department did what they were supposed to do and investigated this as thoroughly as possible.”

Mason, 29, died May at Skyline Medical Center after being diagnosed with bleeding on her brain.

Hendersonville police were called to her Cherry Hill Drive condo on May 18 after a neighbor complained about a “naked” woman walking around. Once officers arrived, Mason returned to her condo. Officers returned to the street on May 19 and found Mason unresponsive in her condo. She died two days later.

Throughout the investigation, Mason’s family and friends have held multiple vigils and rallies claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. Mason’s mother, Laura Fiscus-Mattson still believes her daughter was murdered by her boyfriend.

“I just don’t understand,” said Mattson. “I saw her injuries. She wasn’t hurt by falling.”

Police said it is still unknown what caused her brain injuries, but multiple witnesses confirmed she did fall. Toxicology reports revealed there were no drugs in Mason’s system.

“Our job is look at the facts, and go based on the facts and where they lead us,” said Det. Jim Bachman, with the Hendersonville Police Department.

Hendersonville police said no charges will be filed, and they are in the final stages of wrapping up their investigation.