Baby Gibbon At Nashville Zoo Needs Name

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jul 05, 2016

The Nashville Zoo added a baby white-cheeked gibbon to its animal family, but officials have asked for the public’s help in naming it.

The little ape made its debut to zoo visitors Tuesday.

Anyone can vote its name by making a conservation donation. The three options were listed as:

  • Mingli (Min-GLEE) – Chinese for “bright propriety”
  • Makaio (Ma-KI-o) – Laotian for “gift of God”
  • Makoto (Ma-KO-toe) – Laotian for “honesty”

Each vote makes a $1 donation to Fauna and Flora International, an organization that protects gibbon habitats in China and Vietnam.

Nashville Zoo officials promised to match all donations made for the naming contest. Click here to make a donation and vote.

The name with the most donations was set to be announced in August.