Baby Goat Rescued From 60-Ft. Well In Lawrence County

Posted at 10:21 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 23:47:02-05

Several first responders rescued a baby goat that had fallen down a well in Lawrence County.

The first responders arrived at a home on Nash Road Monday after getting the call.

“I’m just thankful he’s ok,” owner, Tasha Bates said. 

After the goat's little adventure we're happy to report he is doing just fine and has officially earned his name. “So we’re just going to stick with Lucky cause that’s one lucky goat right there,” Bates laughed.

Lucky is part of a growing herd here in Lawrence County. “I just hate to get rid of them or separate them or anything like that,” explained Bates. 

On Monday evening, after returning home from work Bates' husband noticed the newest member of the herd was missing, and so was his panicked mamma. 

“She let us know where he was,” said Bates. 

After finding Lucky at the bottom of a 60 foot well and realizing plans to hoist him up in a bucket were not going to work they called for help, and help came. 

“I was so amazed how fast they got out here and how much people cared and was like, hey we’re here to help,” said Bates. 

Crews from Henryville, Lawrenceburg, Ethridge and New Prospect answered the call. The technical rescue team brought special equipment and a camera which they sent down ahead of their own man, just to make sure Lucky was ok. 

“They had all their equipment set up, they had it roped around the tree and sent him down,” said Bates. 

Pull by pull, inch by inch Lucky was lucky he was in the right hands. 

“I’m just thankful he’s ok,” Bates repeated.