Babysitting App, Wyndy, Launches In Nashville

Posted at 7:24 AM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 08:35:29-04

A couple of Vanderbilt grads have made finding a babysitter easier. It's called Wyndy - a new app now available in Nashville. 

"Babysitting and finding reliable trustworthy babysitters was just a constant pain-point for us," said co-founder, Ginger Mayfield. 

Mayfield is the mom to two little girls.

"I was getting my Masters Degree and my husband was working as an attorney and he had crazy hours," she said. "We had discovered being parents that college sitters were our favorite sitters for our two girls and we just thought there has to be an easier, more efficient way to connect with local college students in our community."  

Wyndy users simply download the app and scroll through pre-vetted help. Sitters are full-time undergraduate or graduate students from local, Wyndy-approved campuses. 

"You can either post a job to our job board and let Wyndy's apply and you can review their profile and offer their jobs to them or you can curate your own sitter list by different metrics that are important to you."

Mayfield said this service is not just beneficial for families, it's also a great way for students to find flexible, part-time work.

Wyndy has a minimum rate of $12-an-hour for all jobs. 

"Wyndy allows [students] to work when they want to on their terms, and also connect to great families in a community. Put down roots," she said. "We launched in Birmingham in March but Nashville really feels like a second home, so we're really excited to see how Wyndy can grow here." 

All of the sitters undergo a thorough application process and must pass a background check before being granted access to the platform. The app is free to download. Click here for more information.