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#besomebody app allows people to teach what they love and earn money

Posted at 12:50 AM, Jul 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 08:28:53-04

Users of a passion-based app are earning money teaching about what it is that interests them. They're called "passionaries."

Besomebody has been around for about six years and was created after a popular hashtag — #besomebody — became a blog and then an iPhone app. It enables people to learn by booking "experiences" with talented people around them.
The people offering experiences — passionaries — are independent business owners who set the prices and parameters through the app. Users can book an experience and then meet the passionary in person.
Experiences range from athletics such as riding mountain bikes and climbing to learning to paint or play an instrument.
“People are taking classes they don’t care about to get majors they never intend to use, without even thinking about the opportunity cost of wasted time, energy and resources,” said Kash Shaikh, founder and CEO of Besomebody, Inc. “When you layer on the unshakeable weight of student debt that saddles three out of four graduates, it becomes insurmountable for a lot of people. We’re creating a passion-centric, experience-rich path to an evolving American Dream.”
Shaikh said the top passionaries using the app are currently generating more than $3,000 a month of incremental income. The app's revenue 20 percent of a transaction fee for every booked experience.
Since its launch this year, thousands of people have used the #besomebody smartphone app.
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