Band of Hunter Killed In Storms Plays Nashville

Posted at 10:26 PM, Mar 17, 2016

The country-rock band "Backroad Anthem”, which recently lost one of its members during severe storms in December, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a free concert.

The band played the Wildhorse Saloon four months after losing one of their lead singers Craig Strickland.

Members of the band told us that performing has helped them cope.

"You know, we're getting through it. I think being on stage really helps us. It's weird, being on stage without him, but I think it's kind of therapeutic, and helping us get our feelings out using music, in honor of him,” said bass player, Brandon Robald.

Strickland disappeared amid a hunting trip when severe storms hit the area. His body was found days later near the area where he and a friend were hunting.