Bank Hostage Suspect Says He Wanted To Die

Posted at 6:09 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 19:18:50-04

The man accused of holding hostages inside a bank in Columbia shared his story exactly one week later. 

Douglas Roach, age 54, has been facing 20 charges of aggravated assault and especially aggravated kidnapping in the Maury County Jail after the bank hostage situation at Community First Bank and Trust on South James Campbell Boulevard. 

Nearly a dozen people were held hostage and later freed before Roach surrendered to police after nearly nine hours of negotiation. 

He said his intention was to not hurt or rob anyone.

"I kept reiterating to them that I was not there to harm them in any way. I never yelled at them, never raised my voice, and never cursed at them," Roach told NewsChannel 5.

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Roach said there had been a dispute over a loan with the bank that helped spark his extreme actions. 

Because of a work injury on top of several other issues, the Alabama native found himself trying to commit suicide a few times. 

On Friday, Roach said he tried to confront the bank and wanted to die.

"I wanted the police to execute me and end my life. I tried to commit suicide myself and apparently somebody up there doesn't want me to die, so I was thinking maybe the police can get it done," said Roach.

Roach recalled simply asking one of the employees to lock the doors as soon as he walked in. He claimed the machete was never taken out. 

"I never flashed the weapon at anybody. It was concealed the whole time in the sleeve," he added. 

His next court appearance has been set for October 4 at 8:30 a.m. in Maury County.