Battle Of The Badges Competition Helps Red Cross

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 25, 2016

Wilson County Law enforcement, fire, and emergency management crews competed to donate the most blood to the American Red Cross.

The Battle of the Badges Blood Drive Part II began at 1 p.m. in Mt. Juliet Wednesday and lasted until 6 p.m.

Despite the fun they have with it, both sides know what the real goal is all about.
"We're down to the wire now, and we want to win it this time," said Sheriff Robert Bryan. "This year is going to be Wilson County Law Enforcement's year to win."

Wilson County Fire/Emergency won the first round of the Battle of the Badges collecting two more pints in honor of Fire/Emergency than Law Enforcement during the first event which took place May 18, at the Jimmy Floyd Family Center.

American Red Cross officials said the need for donations has become even greater just before the busy summer vacation season begins when many regular donors may delay or skip donations because of other summer activities.