Belle Meade Considers Surveillance Cameras

Posted at 10:36 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 23:54:35-04

A survey sent out to residents in one Mid-state city is asking whether they are in favor for a video surveillance system to be added on certain intersections in the city.

Belle Meade mayor Jim Hunt said the survey was sent out to residents on Monday. Hunt and some commissioners came out with the question for residents to answer.

“The purpose is for the safety of the citizens, to acknowledge and recognize automobiles coming through Belle Meade. So if there’s a crime, we can identify the time of the crime and we can then identify a car that is leaving that particular area,” Hunt said.

The survey lists ten locations where video surveillance cameras could be installed if the commissioners were to move forward with the process.

Those locations include Lynwood Blvd, Belle Meade Blvd, Jackson Blvd and Leake Ave all off of Harding Road.

Other intersections are Tyne Blvd, Abbot Martin Road and Glen Eden Drive off of Lynwood Blvd.

“Those entry points are primary points where you can leave Belle Meade,” Hunt said.

He said if commissioners approve the project taxes would not increase for residents.

“The commissioners would vote on the decision to go forward with the video surveillance system and we would like to assure everybody there will not be a tax increase if we proceed with this project,” he said.

Hunt acknowledged that the city already has its own police department and that citizens might question if the system would even be necessary.

“Whether it’s redundant because we do have police force that’s very reactive in Belle Meade and the citizens like the police a lot and so they think it might not be needed with the police. We think the video surveillance is just another means where we can make the city safer,” he said.

“The commissioners will decide whether this is a go or a non-starter. We will begin this process, assuming that the commissioners vote for it, with a test location to see if the infrastructure of the system will work. Whether our police department can actually manage the system. So  these are things we’re going to be looking at before we actually roll it out.

Hunt said about half of the residents have already responded. People have until Friday night to fill out their survey if they so choose.

Further details were not immediately given.