Belmont vs scooters: Police to mediate in ongoing dispute

Posted: 5:05 PM, May 17, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-17 23:54:34-04
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — There are several ways to get around a college campus, bike, car, walk, but one thing you shouldn't find on Belmont University's campus is an electric scooter.

"Campus is so small that I felt like that you really don’t have to scooter or need transportation to get around," said recent graduate Kordell Cannon.

According to an agreement between the University and the several scooter companies operating in Nashville, e-scooters are not allowed on Belmont property.

"Due to safety and space concerns, powered scooters are not allowed on Belmont property. If scooters do end up on Belmont’s property, Belmont Campus Security will impound the scooter, notify the scooter company that the scooter has been found on Belmont’s private property and release the scooter to the company upon payment of a $25/day storage fee. "

"Kind of happy to see them gone, they’re a little hard in traffic," said Zach Ward.

However, some people are still using scooters on campus, and each scooter is confiscated by campus security.

Belmont officials say their agreement is to release the scooters to the company with a $25 a day storage fee.

But, Metro PD says on more than one occasion, Belmont has reported break-ins at the house where the scooters are being stored, and the devices taken.Police believe it could be the companies trying to get back their property. School officials tell us they don't know who is behind the break ins but says they're working with police.

The department wants to set up a meeting with Belmont and the scooter companies to handle the situation.

Belmont released the following statement about the dispute:

"Belmont is working with Metro Police to solve the break-in and attempted break-in that occurred at the facility where scooters are stored. Belmont is working with the scooter companies to return scooters which have been operated and/or parked in violation of Belmont’s policy on the campus which is private property. Belmont wants nothing more than to see an end to finding scooters littered about its property and to use its storage space for other purposes."