Better Business Bureau Warns Against Rutherford County Trash Service

Posted at 4:44 PM, Dec 23, 2016

The Better Business Bureau has received more than 100 complaints against County Disposal, a private Rutherford County garbage collection company.

NewsChannel 5 first told you about County Disposal in September - when the company first failed to pick up garbage from contracted customers. Now, three months later, customers said the company has not resolved those problems.

"I really hoped County Disposal would come around and do what they promised," said Quin Sweeney, a County Disposal customer. "We decided to switch providers this morning."

Many customer complaints stem from the company's refusal to respond to phone calls or emails. But tracking down a physical address for the company is also difficult.

In court filings from May 2016, County Disposal's address is listed at 3808 Woodbury Pike in Murfreesboro, which is a private home with numerous 'No trespassing' signs posted.

Online, the company's address is listed as 9982 McMinnville Highway in Quebeck, TN.

"Consumers report multiple attempts to contact the company by phone and email go unanswered while trash sits outside their homes for days and weeks," said a news release from the Better Business Bureau. "BBB’s contact to the company resulted in a prerecorded message stating 'We are picking up trash today, so take your cans to the curb.' Callers are then referred to the company’s website."

A list of local and reliable garbage collection companies is available online at