Bluegrass Underground Kicks Off New Season In "The Caverns"

Posted at 6:12 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 19:17:46-04

Bluegrass Underground has been providing unforgettable live performances for a decade, and now the unique show has found itself a new venue for it's shows called "The Caverns." 

"It's a hidden little holler that's been down here for eons, you know, millions of years of water and time and literally entwined to form what might be the coolest music venue ever," Todd Mayo, founder of Bluegrass Underground, said of the new venue. "It's like Middle Earth or something. You come in through these big huge wooden cavern doors and you open up and you walk inside and it's just like you're in a place and a space that's unlike anything." 

Mayo and the folks at Bluegrass Underground decided they wanted to find a new home where they could install permanent power, lighting, sound, and all the infrastructure they needed. 

"Tennessee is the caviest state in the union, and right here where we're at is probably one of the caviest places in Tennessee," Mayo explained. "We knew something was there, we just had to find it, and we did, and it's epic." 

Mayo said that The Caverns is one of the most unique venues for listening to music in the world, and the cave itself, with all of it's uneven surfaces, is very conducive for a great listening experience. Pair that will the natural beauty, and you have a truly Tennessee place to catch a show. 

"The sound is really clean, the experience is, you know. Authentic is a buzz word. It's just real," Mayo said. "It's a real place, and the crew is real, and the musicians that we present here are real, and that's what we do. Real music in a real environment." 

Bluegrass Underground kicks off on Saturday with performances from the Sweet Lizzy Project as well as Billy Strings. More information can be found on their website