Jurors See Items Found Near Holly Bobo's Remains

Posted at 7:55 AM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 19:13:40-04

As the third day of the Holly Bobo trial got underway in Hardin County, jurors were shown evidence like personal items that were found with her remains, including her skull which showed signs of a single gunshot.

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On Wednesday, a medical examiner showed a hole near the back of Holly's skull that was consistent with a gunshot wound.

The medical examiner said the trajectory of the bullet was downward from the back, right side of the head to the front, left side, fracturing her left cheek bone where it exited her skull.

He added, based on the evidence, it appeared Holly was shot in the back of the head, likely from someone above her. He said it's probable she was shot with a .32 caliber gun.

The medical examiner said the shot would have been fatal, and he believed it could be the cause of death; however, when asked by the defense if the shot could have happened after Holly had died, he said it could.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Laura Hodge showed the jury several items that were located when Bobo’s skull was found. These items included a purse, a smaller purse, her wallet with the license still inside, multiple teeth, and rib bones.

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Earlier in the day, Larry Stone, the ginseng hunter who found the remains, took the stand. 

Prosecutors also showed a photo of a receipt with Holly's name on it that was found near Shane Austin's driveway.

Zach Adams' ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Earp, took the stand Wednesday and was dating Adams when the alleged murder happened back in 2011.  

Earp was on the stand for nearly two hours and said meth and other drugs were constantly being used during their relationship. 

Earp even said following Holly's disappearance, Adams made this threat to her if she tried to break up with him. 

“He said he would tie me up just like he did Holly Bobo and nobody would ever see me again,” she said. 

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