Prosecution Rests After 7 Days Of Witnesses In Holly Bobo Murder Trial

Posted at 7:41 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 08:00:32-04

Monday marked day seven in the Holly Bobo murder trial. Court began at 8:30 a.m. with the prosecution resting its case later in the afternoon, but ended after the Defense called its second witness.

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Timeline: Holly Bobo Murder Trial Day 7

The first witness called by the state was John Maxwell, an EMT worker from Decatur County.

Jurors heard frantic 911 calls made by Dick Adams - grandfather of Zach Adams. The elder Adams said Zach was "on drugs" and at one point, reported he was trying to get a gun. 

At one point, Dick Adams was heard saying, "If [Zach] comes to my house and gets my gun I'll shoot him!" 

After a brief recess, Terry Britt took the stand. Currently in prison for rape, Britt had long been a suspect in the case. 

Britt told defense attorneys that he was in Camden buying a bathtub during the time Bobo went missing.  

From there, Anthony Phoenix took the stand and testified that Zach Adams said he "couldn't have picked a prettier b****."  

In an odd turn of events, the jury said they smelled something burning coming from the air vents, and after looking into it, apparently the heat had been turned on in the courtroom. The judge released the jury for a lunch break.

It has been a continual issue for the jury and everyone else in the court room for the past couple of weeks. On Thursday, one of the Defense attorneys even asked for a break because the jury seemed to be sweating.

Carl Stateler became the state's 41st witness to take the stand, testifying that Zach Adams once told a bartender in Parsons that he would "kill [her] like I did Holly Bobo."  

Satler testified to hearing Adams claim Bobo's murder to a bar tender, saying "He said 'I'll kill you like I did HollyBobo.'"

Adams' former cell mate, Corey Rivers, also took the stand on Monday. Adams had allegedly told him multiple things regarding Bobo's death.

Rivers told the jury Adams said "he did it" and asked Rivers if "God would ever forgive him."

Several people testified Saturday, including a housekeeper who supported Jason Autry's testimony that he visited a man to trade the alleged murder weapon for morphine.

After multiple other criminals testified as to what they had heard Adams say, each of them saying he claimed Bobo's murder, the state rest its case.

The Prosecution called a total of 45 witnesses. However, before the Defense then called their first witnesses they made a motion for judgment of acquittal. 

The attorney said the evidence for rape and kidnapping is uncorroborated and asked that the charges be dropped. The judge overruled the motion.  

The Defense then called Rita Austin, Shane Austin's mother, and his aunt to the stand.

A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation special agent also testified about tracking Bobo, Zach Adams and Jason Autry's cell phones after she vanished.

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