Bonnaroo Drug Citation Number Lower Than Previous Years

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 20:27:38-04

Each year, undercover officers work to keep Bonnaroo festival goers safe by confiscating drugs, and this year, they issued 32 citations; a much lower number than in years past.

Law enforcement confiscated drugs such as marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy pills and LSD.

Manchester Police Department Cheif Yogi Yother said reports of confiscated drugs are down this year compared to last year.

"We're really concerned about the safety a lot of young kids out here and that's why we work hard and try to take the drug dealers out of Bonnaroo," he said.

LSD was something big officers dealt with.

"We want to take that away if we can. It's a festival and we want people to have a good time, we want people to be safe," Yother said.

Officers issued 32 citations this year compared to nearly 100 or 150 in past years.

"Hopefully we're doing a good job, we got several drugs like I said. We dealt with less people so it seems like it's getting a little better on our end as far as the people that we we will see selling drugs on the grounds," he said.

All drugs will be held as evidence to be used in court and then destroyed.