Bonnaroo Gates Open To Festival Goers

Posted: 9:00 PM, Jun 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-06 22:07:14-04
Bonnaroo Gates Open To Festival Goers

People camped outside the entrance of Bonnaroo before the gates even opened up, but once people could make their way inside, it didn't take long for the traffic jams to happen.

Around 80,000 people are expected to travel to the 700-acre farm  called Great Stage Park for the annual festival. 

One of the new elements to the festival is "The Ville." It's an ode to Nashville, which is only 60 miles from the festival.

Organizers say they wanted to bring that local feel home for festival attendees and worked with Metro to make that happen. They call it a mini-music city.

Music will begin Thursday and last until Sunday. Officials are urging everyone to stay hydrated as temperatures are expected to hit the mid-90s.

Organizers made some major changes to security. They've set up what they call magnetometers, metal detectors basically, and only clear bags are allowed in this year.