Braving Florence's Impact During Rescue Mission

Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 15, 2018

Ferocious rain and wind are not letting up as Tropical Storm Florence pummels over North Carolina. 

On Saturday, Cheatham County EMS assistant chief BJ Hudspeth and ten others were headed to Wilmington to help with rescues.

"There's several flooded roads. There's several parts of the road that are washed out," Hudspeth said during a phone interview. 

The team, made up of emergency medical service personnel from Sumner, Wilson, Williamson, Robertson, and Davidson counties, landed in North Carolina on Wednesday. Hudspeth said since then, they have assisted transporting patients to hospitals in New Bern. 

About 60 miles west, while in Beulaville, the team had difficulties navigating due to flooding and partially washed out roads. He said cell service was also spotty.

"Just because there's so much work to do. You know the 911 services is stretched thin there given what's happened," Hudspeth said.

Last year, Hudspeth helped with rescues during Hurricane Irma but said this experience already seemed much worse. 

"What we've saw so far, we haven't even gotten to Wilmington, and they say Wilmington is a disaster. Everybody says it's, it doesn't really hold a candle to what anybody has seen at the coast in awhile," he explained.

Safety is the main priority for his team as they run into flooded roads and detours. The team plans to stay at least a few days in Wilmington until they get new orders. They have been posting photos and videos to the Cheatham County EMS Facebook page to keep people updated.