Brentwood Academy Student Fights Back With Lawsuit

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 13:12:35-04

Update as of September 18, 2018: A judge ruled in favor of Michelle Nowell, saying there was no defamation. The case was dismissed. 

Original Story: 

It was a nightmare for a handful of Brentwood Academy students back in August. Sexual assault allegations landed the boys in the center of a lawsuit.

No criminal charges were ever filed against the students, but their problems didn't go away.

"They have created their own website called Vivat Veritas, which means, 'let the truth prevail,'" said Larry Crain, Senior Partner at Crain | Schuette Attorneys.

But Crain said this Facebook page is anything but the truth.

Crain represents Beau Brown, one of the boys involved in the Brentwood Academy sexual assault investigation. Crain said even though no criminal charges were filed, Brown is being targeted by two parents, so he had to fight back with a lawsuit.

"This lawsuit is about the consequences when people use social media irresponsibly," said Crain.

Brown is suing Michelle and Willis Nowell for $300,000.

Crain has argued the couple invaded Brown's privacy and have damaged his reputation in one of the most critical moments of his life.

"This young man is at a pivotal place in his life where he's about to enter college... his reputation that he's worked hard to keep is in jeopardy," said Crain.

Brown is hopeful this lawsuit will finally help put this nightmare behind him.

"The family just wants the record set straight," said Crain.

We have heard back from one of the defendants named in the case. She has no comment at this time.