Bus Tour, Luncheon Celebrates Nashville's Diversity

Posted at 5:35 PM, Aug 29, 2016

Fisk University hosted a luncheon to discuss the LGBT workforce as part of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity's Nashville Bus Tour.

The annual bus tour takes a number of local executives and HR personnel on an all day tour of such locations as The Temple, Plaza Mariachi, The Islamic Center of Nashville and The Sri Ganesha Temple.

NewsChannel 5's own Viki Yates moderated the luncheon hosted by Fisk.

She caught up with Jacky Akbari of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity, who spoke of the importance of those issues.

"In addition, the panel discussion Engaging the LGBT workforce was very very provocative and thought provoking relative to where employers stand and what they need to know regarding issues going on in their LGBT workforce," Akbari said.

The organization started and finished the day with the bus tour. They stopped at each place to take a look at how Nashville residents celebrate their diverse cultures.