Businesses Split On Mass Transit Plan

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Nashvillians have been set to vote on the city's most aggressive, most expensive transit plan in less than a month, and the controversial proposal has left local businesses split on the plan.

The multi-billion dollar proposal would include a massive light rail system. In order to pay for the plan, the city would need voters to approve a referendum on May 1 to raise some taxes and that has local business owners worried.

"I don’t believe there’ll be enough people riding the transit system to justify the expense on it," said Steve Wilkerson, who owns a repair shop on Charlotte Avenue.

Other business owners though believe the cost will be worth the outcome.

"Taxes are always hard on businesses. They eat up a lot of our disposable income. The question is will the growth that you get, will that offset what you’re paying in taxes? I believe it will," said Melvin Brown, the owner of Stirrup Sports Bar.

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