Cadiz Hotel Rates Increase For Solar Eclipse

Posted at 10:40 PM, Apr 04, 2017

In about four months the natural phenomenon of a total solar eclipse will be visible from earth.

It happens August 21, and already hotels are cashing in on the event, but the way some companies are doing it, may be illegal.

The Oregon Department of Justice is investigating complaints against nine hotels in Central Oregon -- a hot spot for the eclipse -- for cancelling early reservations for the date so they can re-book new customers at a higher rate. 

Some rooms there are now going for more than $1,500 a night.

Meanwhile here in the south, Nashville as well as Hopkinsville, Kentucky are noted as two of the best places to watch the solar eclipse.

While there haven't been consumer complaints against area hotels for canceling and re-booking rooms, the eclipse is definitely affecting room rates.

Most rooms Hopkinsville have already been booked. Yet, rates have skyrocketed. A motel room in Cadiz, Kentucky that usually goes for $56 a night, but on the night of the eclipse it'll cost you $495.