Capt. Jeff Kuss Memorial Vandalized In Smyrna

Posted: 1:34 PM, Jun 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-14 14:36:51-04
Capt. Jeff Kuss Memorial Vandalized In Smyrna

An investigation has gotten underway in Smyrna after a memorial honoring a Blue Angels pilot was vandalized. 

Smyrna Police said Thursday that they received a report of possible vandalism at the Captain Jeff Kuss Memorial. Someone apparently drew a name on a concrete section of the flower planter.  

The incident was captured on surveillance video but police are not releasing the footage because the person appears to be a juvenile.  

Chief Kevin Arnold confirmed the case has been assigned to a detective and they’re pursuing leads. 

“This memorial is very important to our community and we are going to treat it as a very valuable reminder of the sacrifice not only of Captain Jeff Kuss but all our military veterans that make up our town,” he said.

The memorial opened to the public just last week. 

Kuss died two years ago after his jet crashed in a field, one day before the Great Tennessee Air Show.